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What We Do

Bathtub Resurface
Whether you need to change the color or just want to brighten up an out dated tub. Surface Spark Refinishing can take that old sore spot in your bathroom and make it new again!
Tile or Surround Resurface
Aside from making your tub look new again, we can also match your tubs surround, to make it good as new! It doesn't matter if it is tile or fiberglass, Surface Spark Refinishing can take care of it for you.
Countertop and Cabinet Refinish
Do your counter-tops or cabinets need to be rejuvenated? We have a wide array of colors and Multi-Speck granite like finishes that can make your kitchen or bathroom look modern and up to date. We also take care of burns and scratches!
Chip, Crack, & Spot Repair
In some cases, the tub is in great shape and does not need a full refinish but it may have a crack, chip, or spot that needs to be repaired to look as good as new again. Surface Spark Refinishing are pros at repairing and blending in these blemishes.
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